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Welcome Home

welcome home
In late spring of 2015, I spent two weeks in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. About half my trip was spent watching and photographing a Red Fox den in the Tetons. While I spent time at two other dens, this particular den site had something special: This female Red fox had bred with a male Cross Red fox, which resulted in both Red and Cross offspring. A Cross Red fox is a partially melanistic color variant of the Red Fox. This distinctive type of Fox has a long, dark stripe running down its back and a second stripe intersecting over the shoulders. On this particular evening, there had been little activity at the den site. Both parents were away hunting for food. Around 9 pm, with the sun setting behind the Tetons, Mom returned to the den site with dinner. However, the kits seemed more interested in playing with mom and each other than eating the rodents she had brought them. One kit in particular had a habit of jumping on Mom's back to nip at her ears, and this evening was no exception.